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Multimedia Production

Engage students in flipped learning and hybrid learning environments through video and audio.

A man is sitting on a chair, there is a camera on a tripod and lighting on stands.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) provides support to ANU educators and staff for the production of education content.

Recording facilities

Through collaboration with the CASS Education Design Team, two recording spaces are available for self-service and supported production of professional quality video or audio.

A woman stands in front of a green screen, a camera on a tripod faces her and lights on stands are on either side.

CASS Self-Recording Studio

This acoustically treated studio is for individuals to use to self-record high quality audio and video and comes equipped with a green screen, virtual backdrop/slides, a teleprompter and screen capture options. First time users will receive an in-depth orientation and explanation with their first bookings. Ideal for short, scripted content, such as welcome videos and flipped learning content.

The CASS Self-Recording Studio is located in the Baldessin Precinct Building

Two men stand in front of a large television screen, a green backdrop is behind them, a video camera is on a stand in front of them.

CLT Education Studio

This larger space provides includes teleprompter, LCD screens, podcasting equipment, a small light-board and larger green screen backdrops – suitable for recordings where more than one person appear on camera or when slides/LCD content are needed. Use of this space is managed on a case-by-case basis by CLT staff and is aimed at supporting education content creation.

The CLT Education Studio is located in the Baldessin Precinct Building

This is definitely a great resource to have available for staff who would like to explore different approaches to delivering course content. I liked how fast the whole process was.

Chris Mesiku, ANU School of Cybernetics

Multimedia production support

Support is available for the development and production of learning and teaching materials including video, audio and still photography. Due to resourcing limitations this service is intended for strategic assets that have a reasonable shelf life, and can significantly impact student learning experiences.

A man and a woman stand facing each other in an outside location, the ground is covered with brightly coloured autumn leaves, two cameras are visible in the foreground, mounted on tripods.

Content examples

Documentary style video

“Red Sails in the Sunset: Tracking Kokoda Remembrance” is a documentary by CLT, Professor Bruce Scates, and Alexandra McCosker. This educational film takes students on a journey through WWII veteran Reg Chard’s experiences, reflecting on the sacrifices and emotional toll of war. It offers a profound learning experience in historical study.

Welcome video

We offer assistance in creating warm and informative welcome videos designed to build connection with students and orientate them to the course students. This service is available to all ANU conveners, tutors, and professional staff.