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FHEA Referee Guide
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A message to the EFS Referee

Dear Referee

Thank you for supporting an applicant in the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) Program.

Please read the below Guidance for EFS referees, and then download the Referee Guide and Referee Report relevant to the applicant’s EFS Category. Return your completed Referee Report as a PDF file to the applicant.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Kind regards

The EFS Team

EFS Referee requirements

As a referee, you need to have recent (within the last 5 years), first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s professional practice in a Higher Education setting. Ideally you will have worked closely with the applicant. If you are managing or supervising the applicant, then please indicate this on the referee report.

You should decline a request to act as a referee if you are the applicant’s EFS mentor, family member, or personal friend.

You do not need to be an EFS Fellow, but you will need to familiarise yourself with the Category of Fellowship the applicant is applying for (AFHEA, FHEA, or SFHEA) and can do so by reading the corresponding Referee Guide on this webpage.

Your role as an EFS referee

Your role as an EFS referee is to substantiate an applicant’s claim for an EFS Fellowship. In other words, your referee report needs to confirm that the applicant has represented their practice accurately in their application and provide an opinion as to whether you feel they have demonstrated the requirements for the category of Fellowship that they have applied for.