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Talking About Teaching Technology and Medicine

15 December, 2021

Centre for Learning and Teaching

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In Conversation with…”

CLT sat down with Alexandra Webb to talk all things teaching, technology and the silver linings of teaching anatomy in the COVID era, along with how the Medical School managed the transition to remote teaching.

This is the latest edition of our on-going series in which we chat with some members of the ANU community about teaching & learning issues.

This edition’s content can be viewed as VIDEO below – along with TEXT TRANSCRIPTS.

Alexandra Webb is an Associate Professor at the Medical School in the College of Health and Medicine at the Australian National University. She teaches anatomy and leads Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) at the Medical School. Her research encompasses clinical anatomy and education research.

Rafael Florez is the multimedia producer and Tangyao Zhang is the Communications Assistant and they both sit within the Communications team of the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

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