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Dual Delivery or Live Stream? That is the question!

1 March, 2022

Liane Joubert

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During the last couple of years, the phrase Live Stream, or streaming services, has become more and more popular. But how does this translate to teaching and what is the difference between Live Stream and Dual Delivery?

At ANU, Dual Delivery is a term that, although not so popular, is a part of how we teach. At least for now. The global pandemic has taught us resilience and proven that, if given the right tools, we can achieve great things.

But is remains tricky to decide how to teach based on the tools available. The current Learning Space Technology Upgrade project saw some 12 rooms already equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to aid in the successful delivery of Dual Delivery teaching sessions. With more spaces being upgraded through 2022, we now need to deep dive into what tools can complement the technology installed in our ANU Teaching and Learning Spaces.

It is also important to understand how the Timetable activities translate into teaching activities in our physical and virtual environments. ANU Timetabling has a Glossary of Delivery Types that will be helpful to review.

In the recent Room Familiarisation sessions (see videos below), we discussed the various delivery options available to academics, which are reliant on the available technology in a teaching space. This includes On Campus, Online Live, Dual Delivery, Livestream or Pre-recorded. As nothing is ever straightforward, there are various required online tools and learning space technologies available to make the above-mentioned delivery activities possible.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching has compiled a comparison between the three most popular and available tools at ANU: Echo360Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We looked at participant numbers, built in tools and functionality. We also went through some pros, cons and recommendations for Dual Delivery and Live Stream.

Liane Joubert is a Learning Environment Officer in the Learning Environments team, ANU Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT).  

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