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31 July, 2020

Centre for Learning and Teaching

Join ANU Coffee Courses  for open online courses on technology-enhanced learning and teaching.  

Each course is designed to be completed over three to five days and is broken into small 15-20 minute chunks. This is equivalent to a one- or two-hour face-to-face training session. Each day while the course is running, a short activity or video will be posted to the blog for you to do. So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea), while you do a short reading or activity at morning tea, from the comfort of your own desk! 

We welcome all staff and academics at the Australian National University, and the broader community to join us for these courses. 

What can I learn? 
Courses cover educational technology topics that will help with teaching online, using digital tools, pedagogy and/or trends in technology. A full list of courses and list of modules and topics can be found on our ANU Coffee Course page. Feel free to participate in just the courses which interest you. 

The next Coffee Course is on the Science of Learning and will run from Tuesday 11 August to Friday 14 August. The Science of Learning brings together research from cognitive psychology, education and neuroscience to aid our understanding and application of effective teaching and learning strategies. 

How do I sign up? 
It’s easy!  All you need to do is subscribe to the blog – scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your preferred email address and then you’re all set!  

Have a question?  
Feel free to contact with any questions. 

ANU Coffee Courses is managed by the Staff Education Team, within Continuing Education (CE) – one of the three teams in the ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) 

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